Practical applications of the human givens approach


The human givens approach to psychotherapy is rapidly growing in popularity because it proves, in practice, to be both fast and reliable. There are an abundance of case histories and examples of the human givens approach in practice included in the wide variety of articles in our archive.


An Idea in Practice

The recently published book, An Idea in Practice: Using the human givens approach, also contains a wealth of examples of how the human givens approach has benefitted a wide variety of fields, from primary care to education, and even diplomacy.




The Human Givens Journal

Each issue of Human Givens: promoting emotional health and clear thinking is also packed full of fascinating stories, research findings, new insights, articles, interviews, case histories, research, book reviews and letters. As the official journal of the Human Givens Institute, it provides much of the best writing on human psychology and behaviour currently available.

This biannual journal is sent to our members and available for subscription, but for a limited time only we are offering you the opportunity to sample it for yourself with two free back issues:





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