Training in the approach


The Human Givens Institute is associated with Human Givens College, the principal teaching establishment for the HG approach. As the only specialst human givens psychology college in the UK, the aim of Human Givens College is to deepen our collective knowledge of the science of human nature — the human givens — and to apply that knowledge to improve outcomes in mental and physical healthcare, education and social services.


One- and two-day training courses

Human Givens College offers practical, one- and two-day courses on a wide range of subjects. The courses are suitable for professionals and the public alike as they are presented clearly – without jargon. They are an ideal, cost-effective way to develop your career by keeping up-to-date with the very latest knowledge and essential skills, all of which make you more effective in your work.


Courses held in Dublin

Human Givens College training days are regularly held at the Marino Institute throughout the year.


Click here to find out which events are next coming to Dublin.


The Human Givens Diploma

These training days stand alone, but they also count towards the Human Givens Diploma in psychotherapy and counseling






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